Ruggedly simple, dependable, profitable self-propelled sprayers.

From our humble beginnings in Mooresville, Ind., an innovative spirit has been wired into our brains. Just as innovation has driven the path modern agriculture has traveled, Equipment Technologies has led the charge in innovative operator and mechanical efficiency since 1997. We took what the self-propelled sprayer of its time consisted of and broke down the machine to its bare principal mechanics while incorporating leading modern precision technologies. It has always been our mission to provide customers the perfect balance of efficiency, productivity, and versatility – a mission which continues today.

For 17 years, Equipment Technologies has delivered numerous pioneering changes in productivity and performance to the world of application. Over 110 men and women come to work in Mooresville each morning dedicated to continuous improvement, harnessing change as it adds value to the customer. We take original engineering concepts and transform them into a hand-assembled application experience other manufacturers can only pretend to equal at best.

We’re not just some other sprayer company. We’re the sprayer company the others keep talking about.

We are the largest independently owned manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers in North America, and operate out of a 168,000 square foot headquarters in Mooresville, Indiana. We distribute through both a direct sales force of in-house dealerships: High Plains Apache, Ohio Valley Ag and Southern Application Management. We also distribute though independent dealers in North America, Australia and Ukraine.

We look forward to working with you in making your operation more efficient.