Viscosity Oil

In recent years, there has been a debate about whether the additional protection provided by synthetic oil is worth the higher price tag. Read on to learn how synthetic oil is different from conventional oil and what benefits this offers you.



Conventional lubricants are made from mineral base oils, which come directly from a natural source, mostly crude petroleum. Making these oils require less refining than synthetic oils which makes the end product less expensive. The downside to this more natural product is that the molecules in the oil are not uniform in size. This can create more friction and waste build up in the oil.

Synthetic oils also begin as crude petroleum but are highly refined to create a uniform molecular structure. This greatly increases lubrication performance providing extended protection in the most extreme conditions, increased fuel economy, and an extended service life.

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil

What are the advantages of Synthetic oil?

Synthetic oils bring 5 main advantages over conventional oils:

  • Higher temperature resistance. Synthetic oils can safely handle higher operating temperatures without breaking down. Synthetic oils are thus recommended for the heavy-duty, turbocharged or hard-use applications seen in agricultural equipment.
  • Better low temperature performance, making easier cold starts. Synthetics flow freely at extremely low temperatures (-30 °/- 40° C)
  • Better engine protection. As oil moves through the engine, some of the additives can be sheared (cut in half) by high-speed engine parts, which thins the oil. Full synthetic motor oils resist shear under heavy loads better than conventional oils. This helps synthetic motor oil maintain its viscosity grade, which offers better engine protection and withstands more extreme engine conditions.
  • Lower oil consumption. Synthetic motor oils experience less "boil off" than conventional motor oils. A good synthetic will lose only about 4 % of its weight when run at 400 degrees for six hours, compared to a 30% loss for conventional petroleum based oil. The lower evaporation rate means less oil consumption between changes.
  • Cleaner engines. Synthetics don't break down or sludge up as fast as ordinary mineral based oils do. This means that all your equipment won't accumulate sludge in the engine as fast and lubrication efficiency will be maintained.

 Viscosity Oil

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Donation to Hospitals of Regina Foundation

Donation to Hospitals of Regina Foundation towards a Transport Isolette for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Today at Agribition we were able to be part of the presentation of a donation to the Hospitals of Regina Foundation on behalf of Young’s Equipment, MacDon, Väderstad, and Farm Credit Canada. The combined donation of $300,000.00 between the four organizations will fund the purchase of a transport isolette for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This piece of equipment is used to transport babies born in hospitals and communities outside of Regina and who need care in the NICU to Regina to receive that care. This obviously fits well with the communities where we live and do business, and the opportunity to partner with MacDon, Väderstad, and FCC, who we have such strong relationships with, and to support an organization like the HRF, was exceptional.

Young's Equipment


"Each year, 500 babies need specialized care provided in our NICU in the Rawlco Centre for Mother Baby Care at Regina General Hospital. For babies born outside of Regina, it is critical that our teams have the specialized technology needed to transport these newborns to our NICU in order to survive. Thanks to a generous donation of $300,000 from Young's Equipment Inc. , MacDon Industries Ltd. and Vaderstad Canada, our NICU transport team has a new Transport Isolette, a mobile mini-NICU capable of delivering state-of-the-art, critical care to these fragile babies during their journey to Regina."

 - Hospitals of Regina

Take care of your sprayer now, and it will be ready to go next spring.

Timely application during those tight spray windows every year is a big reason to own your own spray equipment, and once it’s time to go next spring you want your sprayer to be ready to go. Before you tuck your piece of equipment away for the winter, some maintenance will serve you well. We suggest to not delay winterizing your sprayer in order to avoid potentially high costs and frustration about time consuming repairs next spring. The right maintenance now will protect your sprayer from damage caused by the freezing temperatures during late fall and winter to help improve its longevity and resale value.

Here are our tips and recommendations for long-term storage of your sprayer:

  • Clean and wash the entire sprayer to remove dirt, debris, oil, grease, chemicals and fertilizer. Once tanks have been cleaned, nozzles, screens and filters should be removed and cleaned separately in a bucket containing water and the recommended cleaning agent.
  • Always remember to read the product specimen label for the last product or chemical used and adhere to personal protective equipment requirements when cleaning.
  • Touch up any chips, scratches and rusted areas with the appropriate protective paint to reduce corrosion.
  • Lubricate exposed areas, such as hydraulic cylinder rods, to minimize corrosion.
  • Fill the fuel tank and add a conditioner. The conditioner will stabilize the fuel for extended storage periods, and a full tank minimizes condensation. Also, drain the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank, if applicable.
  • Change engine oil and other lubricants. Follow the operator’s manual guidelines for appropriate fluid and filter changes.
  • Clean the product system flow meter.
  • Remove spray tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies and store separately. Maintaining the sprayer’s nozzle is imperative to achieving the best spray performance, and the cost to do so is nominal compared with the cost of chemical used. Spray nozzle tips can wear over time, with dry chemicals in suspension causing higher rates of wear than liquid chemicals. That’s why it’s important to check the nozzle flow rates, look for potential problems and confirm the accuracy of the sprayer. After you have rinsed and cleaned your sprayer, look for mismatched and worn nozzles and damaged nozzle screens. Replace nozzles if needed and make sure to remove nozzle tips and nozzle bodies from the nozzle body assemblies. Check spray tips for wear and replace as necessary.
  • Winterize the product system plumbing. Thoroughly flush the entire system, including fence row nozzles and foam marker systems, if equipped. Run Young’s Equipment Sprayer Antifreeze through the system (1 litre per foot boom length) to eliminate the possibility of freezing. Do not use liquid fertilizer, which can cause corrosion.
  • Charge batteries and then remove and store them in a safe area.
  • Remove rate controllers and electronic displays. Cold weather storage can cause issues with display screens.
  • Properly inflate tires and check on them occasionally through the winter. A tire left flat for an extended period can be ruined.

If you need parts, fluids or filters to get this important task done, give your local Young’s Equipment branch a call. We stock everything to get you going.

If you prefer to leave these essential tasks to the experts, now is the right time to do it! Winterization is a vital part of the Young’s Equipment Winter Inspections program, you’ll find the benefits and pricing between our two inspection levels outlined in the tables below.



No matter how you choose to approach sprayer winterization, it’s important that you do it before bone-chilling temperatures settle in. Remember: If you take care of your application equipment, it will help you take care of your crops season after season.


Miracle Treat Day usually has Dairy Queen donate a portion of their proceeds to local children’s hospitals, in Saskatchewan that’s Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital. This year the event has been posponed, so we decided to make our own our own Miracle Treat Day by ordering blizzards and making a separate donation from our staff’s funds to the foundation.

A donation of $500.00 has been made, on behalf of the Regina’s Social Committee and Regina staff to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation.




Below is a  thank you message from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation:

At Young’s Equipment we are all about
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Here is a brand new product we are offering.

MS T&T cleaner and foam kits.

Spray the foam on, rinse and the grime is gone! Washing cars and equipment has never been so fast and easy and the results are spectacular.

MS T&T Cleaner is a powerful and safe cleaning agent for the cleaning of any type of vehicle or equipment including lacquered surfaces.

This game changing cleaner:

  • Removes grime.
  • Adheres to the wash surface.
  • Is suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, trailors, RV’s, vinyl siding, tractors, combines, sprayers and any other type of equipment.
  • Produces streak free results.
  • Is biodegradable.
  • Is available in various container sizes.

Coupled with T&T Cleaner, Young’s Equipment is now offering three MS T&T foam kit options. These innovative and well designed kits are manufactured for industrial use with most pressure washers (1100 to 3000 psi required) and allow effortless transitioning between foaming and rinsing. Choose the format that works for you and get foaming now!

Now may just be your chance to clean up on the brownie points with dad! Click here to go to our Facebook page for a chance to win a complete T&T system for Fathers Day. The $550+ value package will be given to the winner of our Facebook contest. Like, comment and share for a chance to win.

Click here to see a T&T foam kit and cleaner in action. There is no need to wait. Call or visit you nearest Young's Equipment store to get foaming now.

If you need a pressure washer Young's Equipment has your back.

Visit your nearest Young's Equipment today!

Happy Father's Day and happy foaming from the,
Young’s Equipment Team


Header Service Specials

Peak performance needs peak equipment condition, and we all know that in our industry top performance at exactly the right time is vital. Don’t risk downtime and hassle during the most important time of the year. Take care of those issues during a pre-season inspection. Our technicians are trained to recognize excessive combine header wear and find those items that might cause a headache when it’s go-time again.

Regardless what colour you run, our Header Inspection Program will make sure your equipment is ready when you need it. With ContourBuddy and Turbodrum we also have the right enhancement kits to get the most out of your header.

Do you have a bent header? Don’t give up on it just yet! We have the expertise, the tools and the unique specialty equipment to straighten and repair it. We are an approved header repair center for most major insurance companies.

Give your local Young’s Equipment Service Department a call or visit us at any of our nine locations to learn more about what we can do for your header. Our Service Managers and Service Advisors will be happy to answer all your questions.



Young's Equipment Grill Central

We’re all fired up at Young’s Equipment GRILL CENTRAL about smoking hot deals on Louisiana® and PitBoss® Grills and Smokers. We have a host of exciting new products that will help you make the most of your next culinary adventure. Look at the Black Label Louisiana® Grill series for example. The list of impressive features seems to never end so come to your nearest Young's Equipment store and find out for yourself!

Louisiana Grills

  • Built in Wifi and Bluetooth allows you to take charge of your grill from your smart phone regardless of where you are.
  • Two programable meat probes give you the ability to cook based on the internal temperature of your favorite cuts of meat.
  • One touch auto start ignition means there is no need to set your favorite beverage down to fire up the grill.
  • Heavy duty construction and long lasting finish provides for rewarding experiences for many years to come.
  • The cooking temperature range of 180 to 600 degrees is flexibility to cook a vast array of foods.
  • Easy to adjust flame broiler lever makes it easy to switch between direct and indirect flame cooking.

The list goes on and on so why not experience it for yourself? Make the most of your leisure time with a new grill from Young's Equipment!

Black Label Grills

BBQ Grilling Wood Pellets

BBQ Sauces, Spices

Come in to Young's Equipment and pick up your wood pellets, your spices, and your sauces. We even have A-MAZE-N SMOKIN PRODUCTS® that turn any grill into a BBQ Smoker. Use it in your charcoal, propane, or electric grill, or add it to any smoker for additional flavor. Perfect for hot or cold smoking.



Young's Equipment GRILL CENTRAL!

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Air Seeder Hose

Hose to Keep You Growing

At Young’s Equipment we are committed to helping you feed the world! That is why we have developed a complete selection of primary and secondary Air Seeder Hose to get your seeds from the tank to the soil where it all begins. Young’s Equipment is your air seeder hose source for all brands including Bourgault® and Vaderstad®/Seedhawk®. We are fully stocked and ready to meet your Air Seeder Hose needs and you can be sure to receive exceptional service at any of our nine locations. Contact one of our Parts Professionals to discuss your air seeder hose requirements today. 

Kanaflex® polyurethane lined primary hose is available in red or black and offers superior flexibility, it is light weight and resistant to abrasion and protected from UV degradation. 

Kanaflex® PVC primary hose has excellent abrasion resistant qualities and UV protection. Available in white or black. 

EVA plastic tubing is available in 3 sizes. 7/8”, 1”, and 1.036”. Our Parts Teams will be happy to assist you in finding the right size for your air seeder.

Air Seeder Hose

The field conditions followed by the harsh winter takes a toll on all hoses on your machine, not just the seed and fertilizer runs. Now is the best time to check the hydraulic hoses as well. And once again Youngs Equipment has you covered. Each of our locations is fully stocked and equipped to provide custom made hydraulic hose from 1/4" to 1" double braid that is far superior to OEM hoses. Our wide selection of fittings is ready to meet your needs during pre-seeding maintenance as well as to get you going again when the unexpected occurs. You can count on us!

Being prepared is your specialty. You know as well as anyone that when it is go time the preparations you make now will save you time, frustration, and expense. Does your drill have the same hydraulic hose repeated for each opener? Don’t let a blown opener hose stop you. Keep a few spares on hand and save the extra road trips when you could be in the field.

In addition to air seeder and hydraulic hose, at Youngs Equipment we have hose for many other applications. From heater hose and fuel line to water discharge and vinyl tubing with or without nylon braid. Whatever your hose needs are, we are ready to help keep you growing!

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We are proud to be able to introduce the MyYoungsEquipment customer portal to you, the around-the-clock access to your account and equipment information. MyYoungsEquipment is a web-based tool that provides real value at no cost to you and your operation. Your MyYoungsEquipment access gives you a sleek, modern and easy to use interface with a secure environment. All of your information with Young's Equipment is at your fingertips and editable anytime.

In the “My Equipment” section we store valuable information about your machines. Information that is shared with only our staff and can be updated by you or us anytime. If you acquire a new treasure you can easily add it to your MyYoungsEquipment profile or if you no longer own it, remove it, which makes your conversation with us much easier when it comes to service for your machine and the processes more fluent.