Legacy Shop Special

It's years like this when you need all hands on deck, every piece of machinery in your yard needs to be reliable and capable of doing it’s job whenever you need it, no matter if it’s a brand new piece of equipment or a well-aged treasure. Many of our customers asked us to bring back our popular Legacy Shop Special, and of course we listened and agreed.

Between May 15th and July 31st you’ll get the first eight hours at the Legacy Special rate of $99.00 per hour, that's 35% added labour value from last year!

Once again it's time to get those few things done you always wanted to do on your machine. Every piece of equipment that's engine driven and doesn't have a port for an electronic diagnostic tool will qualify. Bring it in to us, get 'er fixed up and ready again.

Talk to one of our Service Managers about it, we're looking forward to seeing you.